Hi! My name is Ken. I’m a native Californian who has recently been transplanted to Wisconsin, specifically Milwaukee which is a suburb of Chicago. I used to work for a major financial services firm but more recently I’m a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee pursuing a Masters in Professional Accountancy. I have a background in economics, mathematics, and I speak Chinese semi-fluently. By semi-fluently I speak well enough for a white person that the majority of Chinese people I meet tell me that my Chinese is beautiful and I speak it so well. I went to school in Beijing for a semester and have travelled extensively in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong since graduating from college.  

Currently, I’m in the midst of getting my life back together. In the last two years I’ve put on 40 pounds and loss the ability to be social and make friends. This blog is mainly a cathartic exercise. I am a technology, gaming, baseball and movie enthusiast so those will be my main topics of writing. From time to time I will venture into other areas such as my desire to become a semi-competent digital photographer. When travelling I’ll post travel journals featuring photos and insights from the road.

Due to my finance background I will write about video game companies from an educated background that will hopefully be different than a lot of other blogs. I have very specific tastes when it comes to computer and video games and I find myself often holding a minority view compared to the general consensus of the gaming intelligentsia.

I am a diehard Oakland Athletics and San Francisco 49er fan. When I lived in Rocking I loved going to Sierra College during the summer and watching the camp and collecting autographs from the team.  During the baseball season I participate in multiple fantasy baseball leagues and watch every single Oakland Athletics game I can. Being in Milwaukee means I have to shell out almost $200 to get the games on cable.

I play Dungeon and Dragons and other various table top games. I will write about my campaign and what goes on in and out of that. I am an AD&D 2E fan and I’m trying to learn to like 4th Edition. That’s all I can say about me. I’m not that exciting.


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